Thrive in Our New Sustainable World!

Project Galileo Group (“PGG”) is the content provider and owner of the Galileo Rising™ Social Awareness Campaign, and the domain name of the main and ancillary websites of www.galileorising.com and www.projectgalileo.com.  Project Galileo was founded in 2008, at the time of the Global Financial Crisis, and at the advent of the invention of cryptocurrency.  PGG’s Member Companies began to be registered in 2017.  PGG is one of 5 “Consortium Member Organizations” governing Project Galileo, together with Empire Group, the RFO (Crutcher Capital Group), IGSG (Imperial Guard Security Group), and L’Institut (L’Institut des Sciences et Arts) (the latter being in formation).  The 5-Member “Consortium” is planned to eventually contain over 100 entities, referred to as “Consortium Member Entities.”

The Founders

PGG and Project Galileo were founded by Christopher Wolf Crutcher (56), a U.S. Citizen and experienced Wall Street-trained financier, and Cleante Libero Vitali, Eng. (79), a Citizen of Italy and robotics engineer, global entrepreneur, and developer of technologies.  Together, the Founders have worked closely over the years to generate a dynamic and practical strategy and implementation plan for economic development for countries such as the Philippines, whose human, natural, and technological resources justify a rapid transformation towards personal, corporate, and nationwide economic success.  Galileo Rising™ Philippines, PGG’s initial Social Awareness Campaign, which will go global in the course of 2020, is designed to generate country-wide enthusiasm for Project Galileo and our planned Virtual and Terrestrial Cities of Science™, as well as to attract like-minded individuals to participate in personal economic growth, including access to tangible future employment and sales opportunities.

The Founders have direct experience in the printing of a national currency (the Ukrainian Grivna), the development of disruptive fintech innovations, the origination of and manufacturing technologies, advising First Nations in Canada on economic development and the generation of unique financial engines to preserve native culture for posterity, advising governments with out-of-the box strategies for finance and poverty alleviation, and sponsoring environmental and geological oceanic research in the Caribbean, including a submarine descent by Sir Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau into the Great Blue Hole of Belize.  But Project Galileo, heralded by Galileo Rising™ Philippines, is our greatest single project to-date, and is designed to re-shape the cultures, societies, and economies, and preserve the environments, of multiple developing countries.

Submarine descent by Sir Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau